The MagPi Magazine issue 58 (June 2017)

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What's in this issue?

Minecraft Maker Guide

The MagPi Issue 58 has a huge feature all about making with Minecraft.

Minecraft is incredible, but the version for Raspberry Pi is special. Only Minecraft Pi allows makers to hack and code it.

Minecraft Pi is digital making on a virtual level. We recommend it to everybody, and this month we have a massive feature on making with Minecraft.

Plus! All this inside issue 58:

Build a web server
Step-by-step guide to running a simple server

Develop a game
Learn code the fun way by designing games

Make a music box
Build a hands-free theremin music synth

Hack your lights
Install weather-responsive lightning for your home

Brilliant AIY Projects
Design dazzling devices with Google Cloud Speech API

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